Why We’re So Passionate About Private Air Travel


We’ve been busy over here at Genesis Aviation and we want to share with you a short video we created to showcase why we are passionate about private air travel.

Do you know there are over 5000 airports in the United States that are only open to private jets? At Genesis Aviation we have a variety of aircraft available for private rental to fly anywhere in North America, based on your schedule and needs.

We know that time is our most precious resource–your time is best used doing the work you love and are great at, not standing in line at the airport, trying to work off airport wifi, or navigating delays and layovers.

Private jet rentals provide for a seamless experience, maximizing your time and embedding your professional or personal travel with both efficiency and luxury.

Distinguished gentleman wearing a business suit and glasses worked on his laptop while he drinks a scotch on his private charter flight. The scotch and decanter are on their table in front of him.

We have developed our private aircraft services – including group charters, executive travel and private jet reservations – with our clients in mind. We have worked through every detail of the process to streamline private air travel and make it the most efficient way to travel. We manage every step of the process to save you time.

By the time you pull up on the tarmac, we are ready for take-off.

A business man in glasses wearing a suit opens the door to his Audi, with his chartered plane in the background.

We love to build strong relationships with our clients so we can tailor our services directly to your needs. Whether you are booking for an executive who needs our services for business travel, booking for your team who travels regularly between various office locations, or for yourself, we want to create the most reliable private travel experience possible for you.

We work closely with you to make sure we are providing you with the absolute best options and experience possible–private plane travel perfectly curated to select your unique needs and requirements. 

We know this business inside and out and we are more than happy to have an honest conversation with you about whether or not private executive travel is a good fit for you and your team, timeline and budget.

If you are looking to book a chartered flight for your executive team, give us a call or request a quote. We would love to share with you the options you have for private jet rentals for charters or executive travel and help make the process ultra-efficient for your team.

For more information, call us at 1-866-501-0522 or email us at inquiry@genesisaviation.ca. Find out how private chartered flights can add value to your business and life.

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