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Your Most Valuable Asset Is Time.

Protecting that is our top priority.

At Genesis Aviation, through our extended network of aircraft operators, we offer you intelligent and effective charter solutions. With an emphasis on safety and customer service excellence, we deliver efficiency and value to you with timely results.

Our Promise

When flying with Genesis Aviation, we know that you’re thinking about your business from 30,000 feet, figuratively and relatively speaking. You’re problem-solving on the fly. In the air means high-productivity mode, answering emails and rolling projects to the finish line. Or it could mean a splash of whisky on the rocks while you appreciate the moment.

When you fly with Genesis Aviation, we provide a private and efficient space so you can capture your greatest ideas. We look after all of the logistics so you can take care of your business. What you can expect is a highly curated travel experience that not only respects your valuable time, but gets you to your destination on time.

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Learn What Clients Say About Genesis AviationGenesis’ committed focus to service, safety and efficiency helped maximize our workforce’s time-on-tools and productivity and minimize our operating costs.
– Client of Genesis Aviation
Client Of Genesis AviationOur crews consistently arrive on-site safely and on time when we charter with Genesis Aviation
– Client of Genesis Aviation

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after struggling with other air charters in the past, we are happy to recommend Genesis Aviation for your air charter needs.
– Client of Genesis Aviation


Turbo Prop

The King Air is a cost effective option for the traveller needing a flight to destinations with or without International Airport Services. The runway length requirements needed for a King Air are very accommodating to accessing the smaller, conveniently located municipal airports.

Light Jet

Seating between 4 to 9 passengers, the Light Jet affords corporate managers and individuals an unparalleled travel experience, providing time-savings, comfort and capability.

Mid Size Jet

When range and comfort matter, a Mid-Size Jet provides a capable transport partner, taking you directly to thousands of non-airline serviced destinations across North America.

Large Cabin Jet

The Large Cabin Jet is the “ultimate travel machine” handling direct destinations to Europe, South America and Asia.

This time machine offers true stand-up cabins with seating capacity for up to 12 passengers. A Large Cabin Jet’s mission capability is like nothing else on the market.

Regional Jet

These corporate shuttles show their effectiveness at scheduling and mission flexibility in the energy & mining industry. Considering a destination wedding or corporate golfing incentive trip for your employees? The Regional Aircraft has become indispensable as an option for any trip required to carry up to 100 personnel.


For aerial exploration and mining services, oilfield operations, pipeline surveillance or forestry. Whatever your remote or logistical requirement may be, the appropriate helicopter will provide a unique solution for your specific needs.


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