Meet Genesis Aerial Exploration


You know us for our world-class private air charters, but did you know there is a separate division of Genesis Aviation that provides specialized services and innovative solutions for mining and energy sector projects and programs? 

We’re very proud to announce the launch of our newest initiative: Genesis Aerial Exploration.

Genesis Aerial Exploration (GAE) offers comprehensive, cost-effective solutions, optimizing each mineral or energy sector project with state-of-the-art technology, technical expertise, environmental compliance and unparalleled aviation support.

Led by Brent Genesis and William R. Satlegger, GAE brings a world-class technical team with a full portfolio of mining and resource experience, aviation and logistics management, and safety auditing to the mining and energy sectors (learn more about the Genesis Aerial Exploration team at

Genesis Aerial Exploration is supported by over 20 years of experience in Aviation and Logistic Support to each project. Our unrestricted access to the right aircraft and equipment is unparalleled within the industry. 

From the moment you reach out to the Genesis Aerial Exploration team, your organization shall receive personalized, cost-effective solutions, with the safety of your personnel and equipment as the top priority.

Based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Genesis Aerial Exploration has a global reach and is well positioned to assist to discuss, design and exceed your project requirements, in compliance with local governance and environmental sustainability regulations.

Genesis Aerial Exploration Services

GAE’s new services can be broken down into three distinct areas of expertise: Geophysical Surveys and Satellite Imagery Analysis, Airborne Surveillance & Environmental Compliance, and Aviation support.

In addition to extensive expertise in the areas listed above, GAE also provides industry-leading project management and program support, alongside managing investor relations and providing media support. Regardless of the scope and requirements of your mining and energy sector projects, we’ve got you covered.

Geophysical Surveys and Satellite Imagery Analysis

At GAE, we can conduct all of the necessary geophysical surveys and provide imagery analysis to support all of your mining and energy program requirements. Our expertise includes: Remote Sensing Techniques, Satellite Imagery & Analysis, Radiometric surveys, Gravity Survey, and LiDar. 

Our unique approach considers multiple factors in the final imagery analysis, advancing each client initiative with a targeted strategy while adding quantifiable value to each project.

First, we explore the existing geological, geochemistry and historical data. We then integrate this data with the newly acquired geophysical and satellite imagery. The resulting data covers the full spectrum of mineral exploration, incorporating surface date and subsurface anomalies. The combined data is then analyzed and interpreted, using modern and extensive processing and modelling expertise. 

Airborne Surveillance & Environmental Compliance

Using drones, we are able to help expedite regulatory compliance monitoring, quantify readings, and minimize your organization’s liability. Uniquely designed surveys are developed to assess a variety of regulatory compliances. This focus may include pipelines, infrastructure, right of ways, leak detection, tailings ponds, GHG emissions, and environmental sustainability. 

At GAE, we have access to a comprehensive portfolio of drones, as well as a complete spectrum of technologies that can be secured to the system, including thermal sensors, methane sensors, hyperspectral and magnetic sensors. Genesis Aerial Exploration’s drone supported (UAV) systems are equipped with the most advanced geomatic technology designed to acquire specific data from often inaccessible project environments. 

Drones make it easier to access the data you need, in a timely fashion, and are a perfect solution for pipeline surveillance, detecting natural gas leaks, aerial facility and oilfield inspections, thermal sensing, wind turbine inspections, and tailings ponds. 

Additionally, our team is well-versed with all levels of regulatory compliance within governments and First Nations, and this experience and expertise has proven invaluable for our client’s environmental conservation & environmental submissions.

Aviation Support

With a diverse fleet of aircraft on call, Genesis Aerial Exploration can accommodate any of your project’s requirements, no matter the region, latitude, or climate. Aircraft can be used to acquire geophysical surveys, conduct environmental assessments, transport the transfer of personnel or equipment, and provide emergency services.

Opportunities to leverage aircraft include airborne geophysical surveys, movement of equipment, rotation of field personnel and onsite project support services, Medivac, investor site tours, airborne geophysical support, and safety due diligence.

At GAE, safety is the top priority. We ensure strict adherence to an independent safety due-diligence protocol prior to the engagement of aviation services and throughout the flight.

Our Experience Is Your Advantage

We welcome your inquiries and opportunity to be of assistance. Contact us today to schedule a consultation to see how we can help drive your mining and energy sector programs forward >>

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