Genesis Aviation: What’s New?


Updated Look­; Same Commitment to Safety and Comfort

Have a look at our new updated website. The team at Genesis is committed to excellence; we have been busy refreshing our brand and website to better serve your needs.

With the new look comes the same impeccable service. Our new design features more efficiency and updated imagery. Your safety and comfort remain our top priority.

Protect Your Time—and Your Shareholder’s Investments

With the pandemic, many companies have pivoted to remote project management and investor relations. As we move to re-opening, we are beginning to see charters and tours to offsite projects  ramping up. At Genesis we are up-to-date on all the latest COVID-19 restrictions, safety advice, and global regulations, ensuring your trips remain safe and stress-free as travel restrictions evolve. 

Chartering a flight with Genesis Aviation allows us to provide you private and comfortable travel so you can focus on work or sit back and take a breath. Whether you are needing to be highly productive, answering emails and rolling projects to the finish line, or savouring a splash of whisky on the rocks, you can expect a highly curated travel experience that not only respects your schedule, but gets you to your destination on time.

We are available 24/7, whenever and wherever your travel needs may take you. Genesis looks after all of the logistics so you can enjoy your flight. Just let us know where you want to go and when; we look after the rest.

You’ll Never Fly Coach Again

Let Genesis Aviation take care of the details so you can enjoy your travel experience. New York, London, Las Vegas, or Calgary, we can help facilitate your national and international trips in an aircraft tailored to your needs. Relax in our executive lounge prior to your journey; avoid layovers, lineups, security checkpoints, and wait times typically associated with air travel.

Travel booked with Genesis Aviation has a customized approach and we promise a world-class experience to get you to your destination in style. From bookings to arrivals, we stay in close communication with you throughout the entire process to make sure your team is getting the flight experience you are expecting.

Whether it’s a family vacation or a romantic getaway, make a memory that will last a lifetime.

Just needing to go one way? You can sign up on our website for empty leg flight notifications. The same premium experience for a reduced price.

Customized Solutions for Group Travel

Get your crew there on-time, every time. We reduce time lost in preparation and access to travel, enlist cost exploration to utilize and gauge the most suitable aircraft to move passengers appropriately, and are available 24 hours a day to support customer inquiries or challenges that might arise.

We have access to a wide range of aircrafts to accommodate small or larger groups. Our team of industry-leading professionals will assist in developing your aviation program and support any procurement requirements. After a thorough initial evaluation of your needs, we analyze all facets of the travel experience to design a custom solution. Our team will oversee all aspects of your travel program to ensure successful and safe travel.

Our Commitment to COVID-19 Safety

Regulations, restrictions, and safety standards are evolving daily, both locally and federally. We are up-to-date on the latest policies and recommendations to ensure you and your travel companions have a safe and enjoyable experience.  

We have adapted and upgraded our safety standards to lessen frustrations and ensure protection. Paperless COVID screening forms have been added to our new website to ease accessibility and eliminate hassle. We also offer testing prior to flights if requested or required. We ensure that our lounge is thoroughly disinfected between uses to ensure no possible transmission.

Regardless of your reason for travel or your destination, we’ll get you there safe and healthy.

Get a Quote

To request a no-obligation quote, sign up for empty leg flight notifications, or for more information,  please visit our website, contact us at 1 866 501 0522 or send an email to

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