Top 8 Ways Renting a Private Jet is Better than Flying Commercial


Renting a private jet, also known as chartering, has fundamentally changed the way we view flying. Chartering a private jet is a completely different experience from flying on a commercial flight. From your initial contact with customer service to landing on a private airstrip, the two flights differ in flexibility, service, and overall experience.

Here are 8 of the biggest differences we notice between chartering a private jet and flying commercial:

Choosing your Flight Times

With commercial flights, you have to choose the best flight time from the available list, and they can be changed without warning. Need to leave sooner or later than you originally planned? It can be an exhausting and expensive process to change flight times or airlines. When you charter a private jet, however, your arrival and departure times are easily adjustable, usually without additional expense.

Customer Service

It is not uncommon to wait on hold for hours when calling a commercial flight company. And when you finally do get in contact with a customer service agent, you are very limited in the changes you can make and the conversation can be frustrating. In contrast, private jet charters are easy to contact through phone and email.

The entire experience is customizable and the customer service representative will provide a high-touch experience every step of the way.

Baggage Handling

There are many reasons to experience anxiety over locating your baggage when flying commercial. Bags frequently miss a connection, are loaded on the wrong plane, or are simply left at the airport. If you are on a large flight or landing at a busy airport, you not only worry about finding your bags, hopefully safe and intact, but you also have to contend with fighting your way through the crowd of 200 strangers in the baggage claim area while trying not to confuse your black suitcase with your neighbour’s.

On a private jet, you watch as your bags get loaded on the plane, and your bags will be ready for pickup as soon as you walk out of the aircraft. If you arrange for a car to meet you on arrival, you can then have your bags loaded directly into the car and be on your way to your hotel or venue minutes after landing.

Busy Terminals

Private jet operators use smaller, private terminals, instead of the busy commercial ones. Since you can avoid the long check-in and screening lines, you only need to arrive just 15 to 20 minutes before your flight. If you are ready to go before your scheduled take-off time, the flight is usually able to depart as soon as you board the plane.

If you do need to wait, many airports have private lounges, refreshments, and often meeting space for customers flying private.  Staff can also assist before or after a flight with transportation or other arrangements.

Inflight Experience

The experience onboard a private flight can be fully tailored to suit your needs. You have the option of a range of catering and services. Want a luxury, celebratory flight with champagne? Just ask. Need a focussed, time-maximizing business flight for work or meetings? We can provide that too. 

Your private flight comes with the atmosphere of your choosing, ample legroom, privacy, catered food of your choice upon request, and your choice of aircraft.

Transportation and Standby

Ever been stranded because of late or canceled flights? This is too often the unfortunate reality when flying commercial. Traveling by private jet means you don’t have to wait for connections and you will never be stranded without a flight.

Chartering is also a good option for emergency trips.  Trying to book a last-minute commercial flight often means flying standby. Maybe you’ll get lucky and land a cancellation on the next flight, or maybe you’ll be stranded at the airport overnight.

When you fly private, you get to pick the departure time and can often make the arrangements immediately with a single call. And the plane will be ready and waiting for you by the time you get to the airport.

Group Travel

Getting a large group onto one flight can be tedious and sometimes impossible. Arranging for group travel is much easier with charter flights. With your choice of aircraft, you can fly 5 CEO’s comfortably in a light jet or fly 100 employees across the country in a regional jet.

Price Point

Flying by private jet is often more expensive than flying commercial but the wide ability to fly charter has exponentially lowered the price point. It’s no longer exclusive to the extremely wealthy.

Many people do not consider private flying an option due to the cost. Remember, though, that you are hiring the aircraft. Cost-wise, It might not be an option for you flying alone, but it can be incredibly beneficial AND affordable for a bigger group, when taking larger amounts of luggage, or visiting a remote destination.

There are ways to lower the price of private flying, too. Is your schedule and/or destination flexible? If so, look at the availability of empty legs where you can book from flights that are scheduled to fly without any passengers. Empty leg flights can be as much as 75% cheaper than the regular cost.

For more information about the most affordable times to charter a private plane, check out ‘Charter Flights Aren’t Just For The Super Rich’

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Many people assume that commercial flight is always the most practical solution, but that is not the case. The reduced stress, flexible wait times, access to remote destinations, and the luxury experience are often worth the added cost. Depending on the reason for the trip and how many people are going, chartering a private jet might be the best option for your next vacation or work trip.

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