Private Jet Charters Are Saving the Oil & Gas and Mining Industries Time & Money


With a drive to improve performance and reliability and reduce costs while consistently improving the environmental footprint, it can be a struggle for mining, oil and gas businesses to continue to maximize profits. In business leveraging private jet charters can feel like an unnecessary expense–a luxury. What these industry’s top companies have discovered, however, is that leveraging private air charters can be a game changer for reducing costs and adding to time on tools.

Chartering private aircraft to meet your business’ needs can help your business’ bottom line. Here’s how:

Save Employee And Executive Time

Traditional flights are time vacuums. When you factor in the time required to check your bags, line up for screening, wait for the plane to be cleaned so you can board… wait again while the plane fully boards, you’re spending a lot of time NOT in the air. And that’s IF the plane stays on schedule. 

When you land it takes more time for the plane passengers to debark, at which point waiting for your luggage begins. This can add HOURS to your flight time, and that’s if you’ve been successful in booking a direct flight. Indirect flights have added risk for lost luggage.

Business man walks from chartered aircraft to personal vehicle parked on the runway.

Chartering  privately,  removes the need to arrive at the airport two hours in advance. The customer gets to set the flight schedule for when it’s most convenient, and can typically arrive at the airport just 20 minute before takeoff. Upon arrival at the destination, you will be walking to your car and on your way, with luggage in hand, within 10 minutes of landing. 

Multiply the hours flying commercial waiting by 5, 10 or 20 employees, and that’s a lot of unproductive money spent.

Access Regions Traditional Flights Don’t (Can’t) Go

Flying private allows you to go where the major airlines don’t. Factoring in the remote, and sometimes harsh environmental landscape and climate that a lot of mining, oil and gas businesses need to access, flying commercial isn’t even possible. In the United States, traditional airlines can access only 500 airports, many of which are nowhere near remote communities and business operations. While your private air charter has access to over 5,000 airports and airfields alone.

Reach Multiple Destinations Quickly & Efficiently

We make it easy to schedule multiple stops and drop-off points, with non-stop flights to each of your destinations. You set the schedule and we get you where you need to go, when you need to be there. Need to visit multiple sites or reach 3 different time zones in one day? We make that happen. That means you could visit a work site in the morning, move part of your workforce to a second location mid-day, and be back at headquarters in time for a dinner meeting.

Transport People Efficiently

We are the crew change specialists. Private air charter is the most rapid, streamlined way to transport your workforce, support personnel and executive teams to any of your remote locations.

Crew wearing backpacks and face masks line up to board Genesis Aviation charter flight

Whether it be flying oil and gas producers to the oil sands or mining companies to their remote projects, we get your workforce and support personnel, plus any critical equipment and supplies exactly where they need to be, on time.

Get The Right Aircraft For Your Needs

Different locations and different situations need different aircraft.  Whether you’re moving 3 people, or 100, our wide fleet of aircraft, with everything from a turbo prop and light jet to our large cabin and regional jets allows us to make the most appropriate choice to suit your specific needs, avoiding unnecessary costs or inconveniences.

And did we mention the helicopter? In addition to transporting people and equipment, the appropriate helicopter can save you time and money for your aerial exploration and mining services, including oilfield operations and pipeline surveillance–whatever your remote or logistical requirement may be.

Man wearing a jacket and baseball hat walks toward Genesis Aviation Chartered helicopter

Ensure Happy Shareholders

You might be thinking that private aviation is just for the large, Fortune 500 companies. You’d be misinformed. The National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) reports that 97% of businesses using private aviation are small- to mid-size businesses or nonprofits, and according to a 2018 study, 57% of companies using business aviation have fewer than 500 employees.

Or perhaps you’re concerned the costs eat into profit? An analysis of S&P 500 companies show that those using business aviation outperform those that don’t by 70%. A Nexa Advisors study of the Small Cap 600 also showed private aviation users outperformed non-users in revenue growth by 23%.

“Companies that utilize business aircraft outperform non-aviation users in several important financial measures, including annual earnings growth, stock and dividend growth, and total share price”.


Among Fortune’s “50 World’s Most Admired Companies,” 95 percent of the S&P 500 companies on that list used private aviation, and among Fortune’s “100 Best Places to Work,” 86 percent of the S&P 500 companies on that list were users.

The results are in: private air charters are just good business.

… And Even Happier Employees

Getting your Fly-in-fly-out workforce to and from your remote locations and keeping them happy in the process has the potential to be a logistical nightmare.  Not only are many workers stepping away from their families and friends for an extended period of time to work in a remote location, but with commercial flights they have to deal with endless airports, security screenings, interminable delays and being at the mercy of the commercial airlines. Private, direct flights that leave on time means you have a happier workforce, with people arriving both at home and on location less stressed. 

Depending on your unique business’ needs, private air charters could be what you need to help take your company to the next level. 

To request a no-obligation quote, learn more about how Genesis Aviation charters can help your business, or for more information regarding private air charters, please visit our website or contact us directly. 

Phone number: 1 866 501 0522 


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