How to Choose the Perfect Aircraft for your next Charter Flight


There are three things to keep in mind when booking your next charter flight. 

1. Number of passengers 

2. Distance 

3. Budget 

Each of these requirements will factor into the best choice for you. At Genesis Aviation, we offer 6 styles of aircraft to perfectly suit your needs:

1. Turboprop 

The turboprop is the most affordable option for short flights and can fit up to 18 guests. It is recognizable by the propellers located on the outside of the aircraft, as compared to jets, which have fan blades inside the engine.

Both turboprops and jets are powered by turbine engines, so they are very similar aircraft and are considered to be equally as safe. Because of the outer drag propellers, the turboprop can stop much more quickly than a jet, so they do not require a long landing strip. You can conveniently land at any municipal airport. This allows for shorter commutes and will save you significant time and money. 

 Many turboprops are only capable of flights up to 1,500 miles (2,400 km) before they need to refuel, so they are not the optimal choice for long flights across the country or overseas. They are, however, the perfect choice for short, affordable commutes. 

Recommended for quick work flights and short commutes


2.  Light Jet

The light jet is the smallest jet available. It can comfortably seat 4-9 guests. Most light jets are capable of a range of 800 to 2,400 miles (1280 km to 3860 Km), so it is optimal for short-to-medium-length trips. The light jet provides an unparalleled experience in terms of time-saving, comfort, and capability. 

Light jets can access small airports and runways, giving travelers more flexibility and freedom to fly into small, municipal airports instead of crowded commercial airports.

Recommended for corporate managers, family getaways, and bachelor/bachelorette parties. 


3. Mid-sized Jet

Mid-size private jets are the best choice for longer flights. With an average range of 2,200 miles (3540 KM) – or around five hours of non-stop travel – mid-size jets can easily manage short-to-long-haul flights.

Because it comes with a bigger cabin, it is ideal for passengers who want more headroom, full standing capacity, and additional luggage storage. Mid-size jets offer the utmost comfort and convenience for five to 10 passengers.

Mid-size private jets can still use many municipal airports and are more cost-efficient to operate in comparison to large-cabin jets. 

Recommended for longer flights, extended family trips, and a luxury experience 


4. Large Cabin Jet

Experience a higher level of comfort for international travel; the Large Cabin Jet is the perfect aircraft for global adventures. With larger cabin space and greater flying capacity, the large cabin jet class can fly up to seven hours, covering an average of 3,500 miles (5,632km). They include spacious standing and walking room, can seat up to 12 guests, and have ample space for luggage. 

Recommended for flights overseas, family holidays, and business meetings abroad


5. Regional Jet

The regional jet is the superior option for large groups of guests. These jets can carry up to 100 passengers and are suitable for short and medium-haul flights. They include spacious standing and walking room and have ample space for luggage. 

Recommended for destination weddings, corporate trips, and chartering large groups of personnel to abroad worksites 


6. Helicopter

Helicopters can fly almost anywhere and land in small spaces that a turboprop or jet cannot. They can carry up to 6 passengers and are perfect for site seeing, tours, and industry surveillance. If you are working in the mining, oil, or a related industry, a helicopter might provide the unique solution you are looking for. 


Recommended for visiting work sites, aerial exploration, mining services, oilfield operations, and industry surveillance.

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