How A Helicopter Charter Can Help Your Mining, Oil, Or Forestry Business Reach Their Goals


If you haven’t considered using a Helicopter in your mining, oil or forestry business before now, your company is missing out on a core asset that can set you apart from your competitors and help your team more easily reach (and exceed) your aggressive goals.

Depending on your industry, there are a number of ways we can help your projects run more efficiently and economically.

In the Mining & Exploration Industry?

Genesis utilizes highly trained pilots who provide safe and efficient mining helicopter charters throughout North America. With the ability to access even the most remote areas, coupled with the ease of being able to land almost anywhere, our helicopters are one of the most efficient, and economical, ways to conduct environmental surveys and gather geological data. Especially in the more inaccessible regions of northern Canada. Why take weeks to accomplish what you can do in one or two days with access to a helicopter and trained pilot?

In addition to surveys, helicopters are exceptionally useful when it comes to ongoing mining and exploration work. These nimble helicopters and experienced pilots are adept at performing a wide range of missions and support activities for the mining and exploration industries, including drilling support and drill moves, crew and camp moves, GPS mapping and staking and sampling. 

Whether you’re in the exploration phase or in the middle of a mining project, Genesis Aviation will help take you anywhere you need to go to hit your goals and please your stakeholders.

In the Oil & Gas Industry?

Our extensive range of aerial charter services allows us to perform a multitude of tasks within the Oil & Gas industry, and this is where helicopters can especially shine. Regardless of your project’s requirements, we have a chopper to suit your needs.

In need of Aerial Pipeline Surveillance? We’ve got you covered. Genesis Aviation specializes in scanning and monitoring pipeline health, as well as identifying existing issues and future risks. Historically eyes in the air and boots on the ground have been the best way of identifying existing and potential leaks. Utilizing knowledgeable pilots, accompanied by a trained observer, fly the length of the pipeline, scanning for issues like spills or leaks, exposed pipe, encroachment and third-party activity–essentially, anything at all that puts your project or the environment at risk.

Helicopters can also be used to provide superior logistical support for your team, servicing and maintaining camps and facilities (no matter how isolated), as well as supporting personnel transport, pipeline construction and overall infrastructure.

In Forestry Management?

Our forests are essential. From regulating climate and purifying the air we breathe to providing wood and other essential resources, ensuring our forests remain healthy is critical. And what better way to survey a large swath of forest than having eyes in the sky?

At Genesis Aviation we’ve worked closely with Forestry Management teams responsible for the tending, harvesting and regeneration of forests. These trained helicopter pilots have extensive experience supporting the forestry management industry, specializing in aerial surveys, GPS and land use mapping, silviculture support (tree planting, seeding and fertilizing), cone picking and timber cruising. 

Well-versed in the regulations governing the Forestry industry, we’re here to help your teams and crew exceed their goals and mandates, while meeting all governing standards.

Outside of supporting the logistical and physical requirements of these industries, we also reinforce the human side of the equation. After all, nothing of worth is accomplished without the talented and dedicated stakeholders, project teams and crew who make it all happen.

Site Tours & Executive Transport

Getting the decision makers on site to assess progress and risks is important but can be exceptionally difficult when you factor in remote distances and tight schedules. With our helicopters, you’re not limited to traditional airports and airline timetables. The pilots can land pretty much anywhere–they will get you exactly where you want to go, when you want to be there.

Your stakeholders and executive team can conduct an aerial tour, visit multiple sites in a day and still get back in time to have dinner and prep for the next day’s meetings.We can also facilitate crew changes and transfer of personnel, though depending on the size of the group, some of these larger aircraft may be more suitable.

Air Ambulance & In-camp Helicopter Support

Hosting workers and managing camps can be a logistical quagmire. Luckily, we’re here to help. In addition to assisting with personnel, equipment and cargo transfers, delivering supplies and facilitating communication, these helicopters are equipped to provide a safe and comfortable environment for ill or injured workers requiring emergency medical evacuation.  These pilots are trained in medevac protocol and procedures and can be positioned to safely remove sick and injured personnel and ensure swift transfer to an approved medical facility. 

In addition to providing superior care while in the air, we will also help coordinate ground transportation from the aircraft to the chosen medical facility.

Our Commitment to Safety

At Genesis Aviation, safety is our top priority. When you charter a helicopter with us, you can expect a customized, high-touch experience. Our membership with the Canadian Business Aviation Association (CBAA) and Certification with Small Employer Certificate of Recognition (SECOR) for our health and safety programs is indicative of the safe and professional manner you and your stakeholders can expect. 

Know that with us, your projects, and even more importantly, your PEOPLE, are in excellent hands.

Ready to see how chartering a helicopter can speed up projects AND improve your bottom line? Contact us about chartering a helicopter today.

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