Everything You Need To Know About Chartering A Private Jet


Whether you are travelling for business or pleasure, chartering your flights with Genesis makes travelling easy. We provide you with a high-touch, executive experience and ensure you get to your destination quickly, safely, and comfortably. 

We have assembled a list of some of the most frequently asked questions. If you have any more questions or concerns that are not addressed below, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you. 

What Is A Private Jet charter?

Private Jet Charter involves booking a private aircraft in order to travel to your selected destination. Although Chartering a plane is more costly than traditional flying, it includes many perks. Flying privately allows you to control who boards your flight. You can fly on your own or be joined by colleagues, family or friends. Unlike Commercial airlines, we operate on your schedule. This allows you to choose your departure time, departure location, and arrival location.

How Much Is A Private Jet rental?

It depends on where you want to travel, how many passengers, and the size of the plane suitable for your travel needs. Contact us today for a quote.

Why Should I Fly Private?

There are many benefits of traveling by private aircraft: 

Check out our blog post for more information on why you will love flying private.

Where Can I Fly On One Of Your Private Jets?

We can provide flights to nearly any destination worldwide. Please contact us for more information on possible destinations or restrictions.

Can I Bring My pets on a Private Jet?

Yes, we are happy to accommodate your pets on our private aircraft and it is a common request by many satisfied customers.

What Types Of Aircraft Are Available? How Many People Do They Hold?

From Helicopters to Regional Jets, we can provide the right transportation for your needs. The Light Jet and entry level Turbo-Prop seat between 4-9 individuals. The Heavy Jets provide seating for up to 12. The regional aircraft can accommodate up to 100+ personnel.

Can You Arrange Ground Transportation?

Yes, we’re happy to arrange whatever type of transportation you need before and after your flight and will include the transportation charges on your invoice. Just let us know when you are booking your Aircraft, so we can ensure you receive the best transportation available.

Will The Plane Have WIFI?

Many of the Private Jets do have Wi-Fi, and it’s increasingly available on charter flights. On international flights, prices range per megabyte used. Please let us know if you require wifi on your flight and we will ensure we arrange the appropriate Aircraft.

Is Chartering A Private Jet Just For The Wealthy?

Definitely not! If you are traveling with a group, it can be advantageous to take a group Air Charter and divide the cost of a flight. Bachelor/bachelorette parties, wedding parties, family gatherings, work trips, or group trips are perfect times to fly charter. Empty leg flights can also be available at a discounted rate.

What Is An Empty Leg Flight?

Empty Leg is a term that most aviation companies use to identify a flight that does not carry any passengers or cargo. It is also known as a one-way flight. If you do not have a strict schedule, you can enjoy the pleasure of a Private flight at a significantly reduced cost. If you have upcoming meetings, corporate events, or just traveling for a vacation, you should consider inquiring about an empty leg flight as a productive and relaxing way of traveling.

For current Empty Leg flights, visit our website.

Is Food Included In The Flight?

You can specifically request items or meals to be provided at an additional cost. All the Aircraft have light snacks and drinks complimentary. A full bar can be requested for no additional cost, however will need to be specifically requested.

How Do I Pay For My Flight?

We accept multiple types of payments via bankwire, e-transfer and credit card payment.

How Do I Book?

To book a private Aircraft, fill out the get a quote form or call us at 1 866 501 0522. You can also email an inquiry to inquiry@genesisaviation.ca

Which Airports Can I Depart And Arrive From?

Charter aircraft can land on just about any type of airstrip. This allows you to fly in and out of Regional Airports as well as International Airports. Since there are more Regional Airports spread across the world, after a short stop to clear customs you are often able to shave hours off of your commute and fly directly to your destination. This also allows you to enjoy quieter airports with less stress.

When arranging your Charter Flight, we will do our best to set up the arrival and departure Airports to be as close as possible to your destination.

How Far In Advance Do I Need To Book My Flight?

Depending on the destination of your trip and aircraft availability, a Private Aircraft can be arranged with as little as 6 hours’ notice. We are available 24/7 and often able to turn around in a matter of hours, but we advise you to get in touch as soon as you know your travel schedule to ensure we can properly accommodate all of your needs.

Will A Flight Attendant Be On Board?

A flight attendant may not be necessary for every flight, particularly short flights in Light Aircraft. If your flight does not require an attendant, but you prefer to have one, cabin attendants may be available upon request for a fee. Longer flights with larger passenger numbers will often be facilitated by an attendant or crew depending on your needs.

Do You Have To Go Through Check-in and Security?

Yes, a modified check-in and security process is expedited through a private lounge. You’ll likely be through in a matter of minutes. When applicable, a main terminal can be used and we’ll arrange a dedicated check-in desk just for you.

How Much Luggage Am I Allowed To Bring On a Private Jet?

As a rule of thumb,  Light or Midsize Aircraft are equipped to hold one item of luggage per passenger if all the seats are utilized, however with less passengers a greater amount of luggage can be accommodated. Large Aircraft are designed with more space, so we will be able to accommodate more luggage per person.

How Many Golf Bags Can I Fit Onboard An Aircraft?

It depends on aircraft size, and whether the golf bag is hard or soft. Hard cases take up more space, so you won’t fit as many onboard whereas soft cases are packed more easily.

When you call or fill out the quote form, let us know about your luggage requirements. Make sure you mention whether your golf bags are in hard or soft bags, and how much additional luggage you’ll be bringing. This will allow us to find the right Aircraft for you.

Which Type Of Private Aircraft Can Accommodate Skis?

Only certain types of Aircraft can carry skis;  all Larger Aircraft can for sure accommodate skis but Smaller Aircraft are selective in having a  large enough baggage area.

When you call or fill out the quote form, let us know that you would like to bring skis. This will allow us to find the right aircraft for you that can accommodate all of your luggage safely.

Can Children and Babies Travel on a Chartered Flight?

Yes! Let us know if you need space for a child seat or infant carrier so that we can arrange a suitable aircraft and suitable luggage storage.

Are Private Aircraft Wheelchair Accessible?

Yes, we cater to wheelchair users and assistance can be provided.

Do You Arrange Cargo Charter Flights?

Yes, we source specialist cargo aircrafts globally.

Are There Any Limitations on Cargo Size?

We have the ability to deliver small parts, vehicles, or oversized cargo. Talk to us if you have an especially large or heavy payload and we will do our best to assist you.

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