Charter Flights Aren’t Just for the Super Rich. Here’s Why You Should Fly Charter:


Private jets are more accessible than ever. In the last two years, more and more people have moved to hiring charter flights, as commercial flights were halted or canceled entirely and ever-changing pandemic restrictions have made air travel difficult for so many. 

As travel needs remain steady in so many industries, many have realized that you don’t have to be a millionaire or have insanely deep pockets to charter a private jet. Not to mention, the benefits of charting a private aircraft are extensive.

But WHEN Should You Fly Private?

There’s no hard and fast rule; flying private will always be a joy compared to regular commercial airlines. However, there are a few times when chartering your own jet just makes sense:

Big Family Vacations

Kids are amazing, aren’t they? What’s not always amazing are kids on commercial flights. And can you blame them? All that lining up and waiting, coupled with new pandemic restrictions would frazzle anyone’s nerves, especially those among us with special needs.

When you charter with Genesis Aviation, YOU are in control. You determine the flight schedule that best suits your family’s requirements. There’s no scrunching into tiny seats and forcing little legs to be still lest they upset your fellow travellers. Instead, you and your family are free to roam about the cabin and choose your own seats, with adequate personal space for every person. 

And don’t worry about paring down your luggage to fit with commercial restrictions, or paying exorbitant fees to bring the necessities. We’ve got you AND your luggage covered. 

Golf bags, surfboards, bicycles, cribs and car seats…whatever gear you need to make your family vacation the best one yet. Just bring it with you to the airport. 

No matter how big or small  your family might be, we have the jet to perfectly suit your needs.

Bridal Showers / Bachelor Parties

Getting married is a happy occasion, so why not make your nuptials a real celebration? Starting with your bridal and bachelor parties. Want to whisk your dearest friends away to a spa in wine country for the weeknd? Or maybe a flight to see your favourite team play? Or perhaps Las Vegas is more your style. 

Whatever your destination, we’re always ready to receive your guests and show them a weekend to remember. And for a much more reasonable cost than you might expect.

Celebrate and elevate this amazing event with an experience you will all remember for a lifetime.

New Year’s Celebrations

New Year’s is a perfect reason to travel in style. What better way to ring in the new year than to surround yourself with your favourite people and jet off in style to a dream destination. Sky’s the limit.

Our team loves to plan elaborate getaways. For New Year’s 2021, we’ve curated an exclusive charter trip to the most upscale New Year’s Eve party in the Seattle Area. Guests will fly on a private jet and stay in the luxurious W-Seattle in the heart of the city. The 4-day celebration is packed with events, culminating with ringing in 2022 at a Great Gatsby-themed soirée replete with Seattle’s top DJs, 4 hours of pre-paid drinks, festive party favours and an unforgettable countdown. What a great way to say goodby to the old, and ring in the new.

If you’re ready to plan the ultimate New Year, or to properly celebrate any other special occasion, contact us to see how we can help bring your plans to life.

Large Group Travel

Flying first-class is generally less expensive than buying a seat on a charter jet if you fly alone. But when you’re flying with a few people or a whole group, the numbers quickly even out. It can actually be quite a bit more economical to fly private when you factor in baggage costs and time lost transferring between airports on multi-leg flights. Plus EVERYONE gets the benefits of first class travel (and they are extensive).

When Time Is Money

If you bill your time hourly and fly commercially, you need to factor in all the time spent checking in, waiting in security lines, waiting to board, and then waiting (again!) to take off. None of which is time you can pull out your laptop and confidential work files and put in some billable hours.

When you charter an aircraft with Genesis Aviation, there is no waiting. You can drive right up to the plane and be onboard and ready to depart within 5 minutes. 

There’s no need to try and hide your computer screen or conversations from prying eyes. Instead, you can spread out your private work documents and speak freely. There’s no one else to overhear.

When You’re Flying One-Way

Not every private jet you see in the air has passengers booked both ways. If a flight is dropping off personnel or cargo in one location, but isn’t booked for the return flight home, you can often find great deals as the plane repositions. 

It never hurts to check in with us to see what empty leg flight options are available at a savings.

When You’re Flying With Pets

Private charters are more pet-friendly than flying commercially. Most airlines will only allow small dogs and cats in the cabin (if they’re allowed at all). They’ll need to be placed in a carrier that can fit under the seat in front, and you’ll likely pay exorbitant fees for the opportunity. If you want to bring two pets, you’ll need to purchase a second plane ticket. And if your pup is large? Then your options include placing them in the cargo bay, or leaving them at home. 

Contrast that with a private charter with Genesis Aviation. If your pet is a member of your family, that’s good enough for us. No crates, or restrictions required. Simply let us know in advance so we can make sure your furry family members are accommodated.

A Destination You Can’t Easily Get To

While there are 5000 commercial airports in the United States, only 500 have regular commercial flights, with even fewer having frequent flights. And not all airlines fly to all airports.

If your destination is remote, or you’re flying a bunch of people, it can actually work out to be around the same price as flying with the main airlines, especially when you factor in multiple stops and the cost to get from the airport to your actual destination. When you charter a flight, we get you there when you want, at the airport of your choice, without any delays or blackout dates.

And if your destination is REALLY remote and there are no safe airports to land? That’s where charter helicopters and talented pilots really shine. 

Ready to see what all the fuss is about? Contact us today about chartering your next flight.

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