Benefits Of Flying Charter


What is your time worth?

When flying commercial, you need to arrive at the airport hours before your plane departs. You stand in long security lines where you are expected to take off your shoes and endure discomforting pat downs. You then endure crowded lobbies, hoping your plane won’t be delayed again; anticipating an additional lengthy line to board the plane. 

What is your comfort worth? Once boarded, you begin to  consider the upcoming potential scenarios: the cramped seating arrangements, babies crying,  the personality of your seatmates overzealous chatter, or even more unpleasant they might have poor hygiene.. 

Flying doesn’t need to be like this. 

Imagine, you arrive at the airport 20 minutes before your scheduled boarding time, parking just outside the lobby. You don’t need to pass through security and take off any clothing items. Skip the crowded lobby and go directly onboard the plane. No layovers, a controlled environment, no chatty neighbours, no unwanted sites and smells.

You take the moment to write a few emails and finish the proposal that’s been sitting on your desk all week. You enjoy a crisp glass of wine while watching that film that you have been meaning to catch up on. 

You fly directly into a regional airport that is inaccessible for commercial flights. If needed your customs has been precleared. Your rental vehicle keys are handed over to you as you step off the plane, and your car is pulled up ready for you to depart.  The flight crew loads your bags into your rental and your destination itinerary begins immediately.

This is what flying could look like. And it does, if you fly with Genesis Aviation. 

Want to know more? Here is a list of the benefits of flying private:


Whether it’s an exclusive work project that you want to protect, a conversation with your family, or you simply don’t want to be surrounded by strangers, flying private allows you the time, space, and atmosphere for intimate communication and relaxation. The aircraft  can be your flying board room, negotiating and updating staff prior to arriving at your destination. No nosey or noisy passengers to worry about. Enjoy the  flight knowing all of your information is confidential and safe. 

Three work colleagues, dressed in business suits, sit facing each other, holding a meeting on their private charter plane.


The flexibility to fly in and out of smaller airports allows private jets access to nearly 10 times as many airports. These smaller, regional airports will save you significant travel time, as they are often closer to the departure point and the destination, so you can skip the 2-hour commute from the international airport to your hotel. They are also easier and faster to navigate because they are smaller, saving on confusion, crowds, and stress. 

A business man in glasses wearing a suit opens the door to his Audi, with his chartered plane in the background.


When you fly private, you can arrive right before your flight time; no need to go through security. Food and drinks will be provided on your flight, so you can skip the food court. Eat the gourmet food of your choice in the privacy of your own space. Enjoy a cup of coffee, a glass of wine, or a Manhattan on the Rocks. 

You have the space to relax–or work–as you wish. Sit back in your seat and enjoy a film, listen to your favorite music, catch up on the latest magazines and newspapers, or stay connected online. The decision is yours. 

Distinguished gentleman wearing a business suit and glasses worked on his laptop while he drinks a scotch on his private charter flight. The scotch and decanter are on their table in front of him.


At Genesis Aviation, your safety is our top priority. Travel comfortably and confidently, knowing that our processes and procedures are aligned with industry-best practices. 

Our partner operators have established strong records of safety, are committed to the continued development of safety management systems and adhere to standards set forth by Transport Canada. All of our aircrafts are thoroughly maintained and our operators engage in safety and security protocols that go beyond the typical screenings for commercial flights.

Our aircrafts are thoroughly cleaned using strong aviation-approved disinfectants. We sanitize all guest contact surfaces between flights including lavatories, general seating areas, door handles, tables, seat belt buckles, and armrests. 

Before You Go

Make sure you are up-to-date with the newest COVID-19 rules and regulations. You can find the newest updates on our blog or for more information, visit the CDC’s guidelines for US travel and Government of Canadian guidelines for travel to Canada.

Where is your next adventure?

It doesn’t matter where you choose to go, as long as you get there in luxury. To discuss which charter will best suit your travel needs, contact us at 1 866 501 0522 or You can also get a quote online.

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